Bon Voyage

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.
Bon Voyage!

Timeless Travel approached us for more than a face-lift. The company wanted to redefine who it was and make a fundamental shift in the business – to put discovering the beautiful visible treasures of the world at the heart of everything. The result is a redefined brand that reinvents the travel booking experience.

It was exciting to challenge travel booking as a whole, through a eighteen week collaboration, we produced a new brand experience for the company, something unmistakably fresh, and simple. The outcome is a brand that’s energetic, colourful and future-facing. A brand to lead travel booking into a new era.

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Creating a brand with comfort

Through our collaboration, deciding the brand name was a crucial part. Once we had decided the goal that the company was set out to achieve, we went through many considerations, finally placing our love in to Voyage, a name which consistently represents the meaning for the company’s existence, to create a bespoke holiday and arrange all elements of it, easily.

A ‘tinder’ travel digital experience

We created a travel application which makes finding the perfect vacation easy. Swipe right on the places you like or swipe left on the ones you don't. Using a learning algorithm it will show more of the places you love, less of the places you hate.

Affordable Holidays all year round.

A personal touch

Bon Voyage – used to express good wishes to someone about to go on a journey. Each traveller receives a ‘safe travels’ kit, customised just for their holiday. Fully automated using a bespoke custom built AI engine. No better way to express good wishes.

"When first discussing the project with the team at Bordwalk, they were much more visionary than we imagined, they instantly knew what we wanted and more. They went far beyond the expected and delivered one of the most amazing travel experiences in less than 3 months with a great back management system for my team. The feedback we get from customers is always positive and our repeat travellers have gone through the roof, Thank you!"
Stacey Travis
Marketing Director - Voyage Travel