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What is Brand Experience?

“Brand experience” is a term used throughout the marketing industry; it can have a few meanings, but here’s what it means to us.

We’re often asked by our partners to define what Brand Experience means. To Bordwalk, a leading brand experience design agency it may vary from what it means to one of our partners. We don’t say to clients “we have brand experience” meaning that we have worked with brands, well duh. Instead, we are talking about the action of what it means to experience a brand (this can take many forms including physical, emotional). Since we use “brand experience” to define what we do as an agency, our capabilities as such, we want to clear the air on what it means to us:

What is Brand Experience?

Brands are a business’s most valuable asset; it’s the core of any business. It drives the essence, positioning, journey, expression, and the world of the business, which create value and engender loyalty from customers. While great brands will always be built on vision, values and promises, it’s never simply enough to tell people what a brand is. Today, brands have to be experienced in order to have real meaning. Check out our Case Study on Coal Grill + Bar; we created a brand experience which converted general hungry diners into long-term loyal customers.

Why is Brand Experience important?

In a world of ever-expanding tactics, brand experiences excel like no other channel at building meaningful connections. It enables brands once defined by just a mission to create; unforgettable moments, enrich lives, drive results and create emotional relationships with consumers like never before.

Brand experiences are all about being authentic creating relationships with people; relationships are “most commonly built on trust”. Vital to a brand experience is authentic design, copy and user experience, whether online or offline. Remember that strong brands lead the way, regardless of the agency you choose, for marketers and brands to get the most value, the experiences for the brand must be truly extraordinary, which means that the brand should be memorable and outside of the range of normal experience.

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