How Brand Experience effects Brand Loyalty

How Brand Experience effects Brand Loyalty

To a business, creating trust and satisfaction is vital in building brand loyalty.

In a recent study, itís been heavily acknowledged that consumers look for brands that provide unique, memorable experiences.

At Bordwalk, we believe Brand Experiences are conceptualised by sensations, feelings, emotions creating behavioural responses as part of a companyís brand design and identity, both physical and digital. To a consumer, a brand experience affects satisfaction, trust and loyalty. A businesses brand experience is key to relationship building with consumers.

A well-known example

Lego: an example of a company that created a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar brand experience. The key to Legoís brand experience is the way itís designed. The brand experience made by Lego is created for customers before, during and after their purchase. It accomplishes the experience through touch points that evoke thoughts, feelings and behaviours from customers.

Legoís customers experience their brand hands-on without making any purchases. To put this in perspective, Legoland and Lego shops offer customers free experiences. The company focuses on creating alternative touchpoints through multiple-mediums including movies, video games and virtual reality experiences.